Passionate writers and readers
Have a positive response to a chain of events
They read and study.Read and study
And good at a given time
So if you love literature!
In a good way as intended
You won't damn a soul today
You won't steal your fellows skill
You won't blame unusual faults
Or claim the highest handclap
Or give boastfully to the poor
When we will say you love your state
When we will praise you in the day
When we won't say you are a slack
To steal your fellows skill
To unjustly plough their hill
Like packs of hungry lions
To hide and throw discourse
Or strike some deal which cannot pay
At an innocent man's door
If you truly love the arts
And bring that value in a church
And be at peace to native homes
And respect every gifted soul
Such life is worth the pay
We are all OBSERVERS
Not poets,not servants,not masters
We will love you all the time
Because you're good and needed that
To bring that peace to stressful minds
If you love literature
You'll always try to be calm.

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A word of thought about the value of literature.