If You Love Someone

By Alexis   

If you love someone..

How can someone say they love you but lie to your heart?
How can they tell you they want to be around you forever but do things to break your heart apart?
This false sense of love is something I'll never understand
Some people need to meditate on the definition of love in 1 Corinthians.
Now don't get me wrong, love is painful as it is divine.
But if you don't necessarily have to hurt someone, don't. It could save a life.
Some people are not built for this love thing though.
It shows in how selfish they act to the ones they claim they hold so close.
If shows in the way you handle the one you claim to loves' feelings
Don't just use and abuse them. Just let them go if in your heart, they hold no meaning.
Realize that people hurt too.
And sometimes an "I'm sorry" just isn't going to do.
It's an internal pain. Its deep cracks in the arteries and veins.
The heart is not something that can be patched up with apologetic tape.
The heart is not something that you can plug a controller in and play.
If you REALLY love someone, don't do them that way.

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