If You Only Knew

If you only knew what your actions and words did to others would
you continue to do the same thing or would you want to change if you
only knew that every time you lie to some one you love you not
only break their heart but you hurt yourself would you
continue to lie if you only knew that God wasn't pleased
with the way we treat others would you
treat others like God treats us or would you
continue to put it off like it doesn't matter
if you only knew that time is slowly winding down
and we are in our last days would you
continue to hate or would you begin to love.....
families are falling apart daily and no one has
the strength to stand up and say anything
about it but if you only knew the pain you
were causing would you fight for your family
or let them just walk away....i say that to say
this if you only knew the tears i cry daily because of the
distance between
my family emotionally..do you have the strength to
fix it or do you wanna see me cry
I love my family and I never want to see
anyone unhappy and knowing that we aren't as
close as we used to be kills me and I know we all
have our lives to live but we also need each other in order
to be completely happy..smile at one another even if
we cant see each other physically.....Love each other
daily even if it's through a text or a status on
Facebook....and most importantly remember that God
puts us together for a reason and we are strong as individuals
but we are stronger together....!!!

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