If You Really Knew Me

If you really knew me, you would see my pain,
This heart-wrenching, terrifying, maddening pain.
It plagues my thoughts, my dreams, my entire being,
Yet no one’s really knowing, really loving, really seeing.

If you really knew me, would you still be my friend?
Would you still travel with me through every bend?
Or would you be scared of the darkness within?
Yet even through this war, would you help me win?

And if you really knew me, you would say,
That I’m not my age, my height, or what I weigh,
That I am not my clothes, my status, nor my race.
I am not the million things that I see in my face.

But I am my heart, my thoughts, my love, my dreams.
I am my everything, my compassion, my pain, even my extremes.
That despite the fear, the monsters, the darkness,
No matter how deep I have to search, I will learn to love my lightness.

Because I have to love myself before
Anyone else can start to care.
Only I can pull myself off the ground,
So that I can finally be found.

But if only you knew- it wouldn’t be too late.

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