By Sujeeth   

If you saw me now, as I lay on my bed
Grappling with fear, of what tomorrow might bring
Bathed in sweat, twisting and turning
Unable to sleep, for the nightmares shall come
Weary and exhausted
Sinking into an abyss , deeper and deeper
Pushed down relentlessly , by the myriad vagaries of fate

Without the mask, of a smiling face
Without the pretense, of the so called normality
Without the wall around me, erected to hide my real self from the world

If you saw
The real me, lost and helpless
Tired of fighting the losing battles
Tired of the frequent blows of time, agonizing, painful
Tired of this slow death that life has become

Would you be kind enough to reach out and hold me?
Would you be brave enough to tell me that you are there for me?
Would you be strong enough to tell me we’ll make it all right?

If you saw me now
Defeated, with no will left to carry on
Knowing that I need you
Would you love me enough to lift me up, and save me?

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This Poems Story

An unheard cry for help from one who is tired of the game called " normal life"