If You Saw What I Say

I wish you could see life through my eyes,
I wish you had the past that I have,
Matter fact,
No! I don't wish you to suffer that way,
I don't wish you this miserable pain,
If you could understand what's going on inside,
That deep feeling I have,
You would understand why I am mad,
You may not know that I am,
That's because life taught me to hide anything that cause pain,
It's not the same, to live life in this end,
This is where all the dirt happens but no one seems to notice them,
Everyone wants to move ahead but instead,
They hold back and listen to what everyone else said,
This side is where you see lives bring thrown away,
Or good ones lost because drugs, violence or gangs,
Life is not how Hollywood pictures it,
Life is hard and only the strong can get through with it,
If life was a movie it would be a happily ever after,
Where everyone is happy and shares a good laughter,
But since life is not a fantasy,
If you let it,
She would strip you of your morals and destroy your identity,
Life is nothing but a ruthless b****,
And only the strong can overcome and be Champs at this.

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