Not as if words can round this off perfect but...

If you were a lifetime,
I have known this all my life.

I have known from the first day we met.
Why! My heart skipped beats –several–
In my haste for beauty in aphrodisiac tastes.

I'd known from your stares, thus.
I found my breaths lose (dangerous) grips.
They lost their strongholds and drifted into still dreams.

And then your smiles made me know
the sun's decision to appear a crescent
because the moon chose to melt sweetly away.

All my life I have known this,
“A bit too soon will you find my life’s bliss”.
Imagine! I found the most of my blessings
In your treasured being, your crowned singing blinks.

Heavenly I ascended. To the Arch Angel I asked,
“Is this for real? Paradise, have I been rewarded?”
Was his smile not poignant and filled with
Thoughts only my fantasies could see, would believe?

Well, the moon still whispers to me in cold nights
Filled with grieves and dreams of yesterday not fulfilled,
“Nothing is too long if it takes but a lifetime.”

All said, if you was a lifetime
Only I would make you feel like
the only man in the world.


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