If You Were Something in Nature

If You Were Something in Nature...
If you were something in nature
I think you might be a warm summer breeze.
The kind that gently rolls off the ocean
to keep you comfortable on a hot day.
Or maybe you'd be a rainbow,
something beautiful to enjoy after a rainstorm.
Or perhaps you would be the reflection you see from a calm lake,
reminding you that beauty can be found in the strangest places.
Or maybe you'd be the acorn that falls near you
to remind you that a mighty oak is nearby.
Or perhaps you are the flock of migratory birds that
remind you that change is good, but also comforting to know that
there are some things you can always count on.
Or maybe you're that piece of beach glass you didn't expect to find,
but you want to keep forever.
Then again, maybe you'd be a snowflake;
multi-dimensional and always unique.
But I guess after much consideration, I'd have to settle on the sun;
something beautiful, warm, resilient, dependable, and bright.
But alas, perhaps one thing is not you, but instead a perfect mixture
of all the simple things life has to offer.
Things that often go unnoticed or taken for granted,
but when you take the time to notice
you are able to respect and appreciate.

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