Ignis Fatuus

Some say that a foolish heart of light
Will miss four hundred years of spite.
And a benevolent spirit will not cease to ignite
Any rock that would put up a fight.
How unfortunate that the tides of time
Have allowed mans' mind to turn to swine.
And in the blinding light of holy day,
They rot...and shovel their mouths full of hay.
They said that her head was not like the rest
So they cursed and shoved her out of their nest.
The days grew short, and the nights grew long
And the only salvation was that of your song.
Within the times of ache and illness,
I heard the whispers of wind's unending stillness.
And to save a life that has grown dead
Is to swim in the sea of Black and Red.
Some know the pride and beauty of her breed
Is the perfect recipe for what they need.
And the timely coming of a great wit
Will keep the darkest candle forever lit.
What was said before will always be said after,
And to survive is to hunt for its laughter.
Behold, the next muse to aid the force,
And speak a story that will guide the horse.

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    This Poems Story

    One day, it began to rain. It hasn't stopped since, so I lit a fire.and I found warmth in it all.