Ignorance… Is bliss

I sit at the edge of your bed, I whisper to your soul
"I wish I was dead"
But you are not laying there, youre no longer laying in your bed
Its now a blank stare, since you are no longer layin there
You still made a home out of my head sscorned
House to home, tortured and scorned

I wrap my arms around my neck, I dont take it lightly
"That I use to kiss your neck"
Pristine skin, soft eyes and a broken little heart
With masks and rotating disguise
I always loved to play with your pin up hair and place you like a doll
But I always cared for the way you moved, swooned and danced with all the masks in my hall

Since that dat, since that day
We we decided to throw it all away
I cry, You lay
I lose my head, as you move from bed to bed

I sit on the edge of my bed, remembering all that was said
"Whispers from a love that is dead"
So I peer, cause you still live in my head
And through the cracked bones, tortured and scorned

This is where ignorance is bliss
So I can forget and never miss your kiss

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