Ignorance is Not Bliss

Is ignorance truly bliss? That is what they say, after all.
To forget all of my memories, the big and the small.
To be innocent again, nothing at all on my mind.
To not know what I know.
TO leave it all behind.

Oh, what am I saying? This can never be.
Un-know what I know? I can never be free.
I'll never know what it's like to not know regret.
To not have to make choices? It'd feel great, I bet.

Then again, ignorance isn't totally great.
Because knowledge is power, at any rate.

Power or bliss? I've yet to know either one.
I know not which is better, not in the long run.
I'd choose bliss over power. That is, if I could.
I won't dwell on fantasy.
I won't hope in falsehood.

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