Ignorance of the Rewarded

A shatter.
Piercing the noise
Of a quiet room.
Heads turn,
Eyes searching for disturbance.
A train of motion
At one’s expense.

A crash.
Forcing one
To look
For another.
Their haven of content
Pierced at the heart.
The freedom of one

A snap.
No answer.
Attention spans
Its own tell tale path.
Ears hearing,
What one cannot have
From another.
The motto
Of the rewarded.

A grasp
Taking away
A task
Pulling away
The drool
Of a dog’s mouth.
A jewel’s radiance
Leaving a dependent mind blank.

An opening
On an ever restless face
The glee
Tangible now to all
Through the eyes
Of blind anger.
A shatter, a crash, a snap,
And a take
The attention
Feeding off the miniscule.

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