Ignorance Of War

The rockets red glare means the bombs are bursting in air,
but the bombs aren't staying there;
They are bound to falling somewhere.
Red glare, we lose a brother.
Red glare, we lose another.
Now children are taking cover;
They're praying they see their mothers again.

The groups we're taking out are so pivotal.
One minute we dont need them, now we're flipping like reciprocals.
We need clothes; we need change.
We need food; we need games.
Its tragic,
depending on the family of a man who we only gave a casket.

Now children's dreams are filled with gorillas in suits,
gas masks, women screams, and the sound when they shoot.
Lose a father, get confused.
Lose a mother, dont have a clue,
so they turn to the negative joining gangs and groups.
Yet we thought drugs were killing the youth.
Wake up!

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