I\’ll be safe one day

"I'll be safe one day"

Among those sparkling stars
I noticed that fading one
Tiny but not adorable
With her furtive happiness!

She was gettting darker
though not the darkest one
Her sharp glittery ends now
reflects some blunt knives!

Once she had glazy glows
which she now had to cover up
With some frightening figures
Just some reddish scars......

Her beauty was glorified
Yet she didnt realise the reason
Of praisings she got was really
for misusing her innocence!

Then she believed someone
Who showed her a fairytale world...
Gave her every sort of happiness
Which she said noone could give her..

Days went on and they dreamt of
More and more kingdoms..
But as she went on dreaming
She was uncared of...

"Bitter lessons would help me
Lead better life"she sighed
She now loved to live through
her father's decisions..

Put on your scarf  so that
you seem unexposed and "safe"
She muttered inside
'I'll be safe one day'
'I'll be safe one day'

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