I’ll be there

The sound of silence, isn't so peaceful
the feel of you pulling away is painful
I refuse to let go, I'll hold onto hope
even at the end, when I run out of rope
I will fight for you until my final day
I will fight, until nothing is left to say
You are the life within my soul
making you my one and only goal
so I will fight until I'm out of breath
standing strong until nothing is left
I love you so deeply, I need your touch
never once thought I'd need you so much
I want to save you from all the pain
and to carry from all the rain
I long for your kiss, the look in your eye
the voice of yours that takes me sky high
so with my final lines I say "I love you"
but over all these words i speak
know you can lean on me when weak
I'll hold you up off the ground
I'll be there, even when no one else is around

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