I’ll Be Your Friend

In a world where love often comes and goes,
There's a promise I make, one that always shows,
I'll be your friend, your confidant, and more,
Through every twist and turn, down to the core.

Until the end, no other will take your place,
For you're my true love, my saving grace,
In the depths of my heart, there's only room for one,
A love so pure, that cannot be undone.

Yes, I'll always hold you close, my dear,
Through every laughter, every joyful tear,
As the years go by, and time swiftly flies,
I'll be by your side, as our love will rise.

Through the rocky moments, when life brings us tests,
I'll stand beside you, the one I love best,
We'll face every challenge, hand in hand,
Together, we'll conquer, our rockin' years so grand.

With each beat of my heart, the love will forever grow,
Our souls intertwined, a beautiful flow,
I'll always be here, a constant and true friend,
With love that's unbreakable, until the very end.

So let our hearts dance to the rhythm of our love,
Like the stars above, shining brightly from up above,
Forever and always, my devotion rings true,
I'll be your friend, your lover, just for you.

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