I’ll Bundle Up Your Heart

I'll bundle up your fairest heart
And keep it safe and warm,
Where ne'er will it be tossed or lost,
Cradled in my own.

I swear to lose not me in you,
Just keep two hearts in my chest,
As I wasn't made to let you fade,
You'll lift me past your rest.

When no more for your loving arms
Can I mournfully, willingly pine,
It'll be your ghost I'll look to most,
Your heart carrying on inside mine.

I'll carry your heart like a golden sparrow,
Perched in a golden nest,
Singing tunes that ring of ruins,
Chirping in my chest.

So I vow to you, my sunset love,
You'll be carried in me to my death,
It matters not what is forgot
By you, shall I have breath.

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