Ill Fated Intentions Not Mention

Ill Fated Intentions Never Mentioned
Stay happy.
Stay safe.
Sometimes go shopping.
Sometimes it's okay to change something that is the same.

Always take your trash out daily.
Always use toothpaste & deodarant.
Always bathe & shower daily.
Always wear sunblock when near large areas of water like beaches, pools, rivers, lakes, or oceans.
Always stop at a red light or a stop sign.
Always pay your car insurance & phone bill on time
Always do your dishes daily & your laundry weekly.
Always be calm & polite.
Always wash your car every 2 weeks.

Don't trust any strangers.
Don't answer the phone without caller id.
Don't pick up hitch hikers.
Don't take rides from strangers.
Don't gamble.
Don't get drunk.
Don't breathe second hand smoke.

Never smoke around children.
Never shoplift for nothing or no one.
Never let anyone watch your children.
Never let anyone borrow money or your car.
Never call on sick to work.
Never request a day off from your job.
Never be late for your shift.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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