I’ll Rise

you see

I tried to help myself before
but no matter how much I bled they just ignored it
trying to keep from crying at night my mind absorbed it
it absorbed the fact that i was hurting but no one could tell
it absorbed the fact that my intellect is imprisoned in hell
and what do you do when your mind is a bottomless pit
and even though you're not voiceless you're noiseless
your lips are moving but there's nothing coming out
then you realize, you've really lost your sanity
and you can't hear anything
but the music from a speaker being played loudly
im so blind i can't even see what's around me
what if i tripped and fell, and someone tried to drown me
wait, no that's just the world trying to down me
but wait wait wait
I'm drowning in my own fears
frowning with my own smile
looking in my own mirror
Just to realize there is power behind this voice of stealth
so I put the pen down
and lay my diary on a shelf

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