Illiterate Attraction

Illiterate Attraction...

I am the wild ocean
To your placid shores
Ebbing and flowing
Passion over your flesh
Seemingly at will

Why must I be
The fruit of the sea
That you need to consume
Not once, not twice
Even more than thrice

Your unfulfilled want of me
Is maddening your mind
Of the Mad Hatter kind
Spinning your wills in circles
Leaving you left of center

Abandoned in territory
Unfamiliar to your libido
You wander aimlessly in
Uncommon states of being
Flailing to understand me

You search for any answers
In unread books, unturned pages
To the who's, what's and why's
Of your illiterate attraction
To this unanswerable desire

Failing to understand
The common denominator
Is mutual untamed passion
Lying between flesh and bone
Coursing through dilated veins

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