Illusion of Meaning

I used to think there was a chance
That each one of us is given
Hoping with all my heart
To find a reason well worth living
In this illusion of life without meaning
Searching within, looking deep,
Finding anguish, alone we weep.
For true happiness is rarely found
When your bitter to the bone
But decency amongst one another
Without prejudice has been out grown.
Surprisingly this illusion
Is only what we make it out to be.
The end result relies solely upon
Your ability to see.
Are you blind? Or maybe deaf?
To the true beauty of the meaning
Of loving life and those in it
That make it all worth living.
Wish you luck in your search
In this illusion of hell
Cause nothing can be as worse
As waking up day to day
Hoping that your gifted
No longer shrouded in a curse.

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