Illusioned Farmers

By Nicky   

Upper class,middle class,lowerclass all these are known
but in which class the Indian Farmers are shown?
They belong to something called as "no class"
Why their production turn into grass?
Their condition have been always pathetic,
Is this something going on like genetic?
They are called as the "Backbone of Agriculture",
but get the wage less than a Chauffeur.
Having handful of children and bagful of debts,
They are the worst victims who face threats.
Farmers are seeds who rot to give fruits to others,
someone who cuts her body to feed just as a mother.
Working in the present,living in past,
how many days will all these last?
They are tortured and played tricks on
all their fate have already gone.
They look up to heaven for help now
because their expectation on humans have gone somehow.
Our farmers are just puppets in the hands of Government
having nothing for their own ailment.
we want bullet train,we want Industrialization
but In a country,where gods are not heard,how will it
develop,please do mention!

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This Poems Story

This poem is about the condition of Indian farmers who are living a miserable life.