Your Beauty
Giving Me False Visions
Like The Deception Of An Erection
I Should've Worn Protection
But Now I Have A Seed
Trying To Get My Own Life In Order
Fitting All It's Pieces Like Tetris
Do You Get The Message
And Everywhere I Go She Noticed Me
Like A Nigga Fucked Her Good
Then Wrote Her Poetry
Became A Actor When I Set Her Free
Woe Is Me
But The Simplicity Of Beauty
Is What You Hoes Can't See
And The God In The Air
Is The Mold In Me
The Scars Of My Past
Bring The Cold In Me
Shores And Seas
You Come Like My Success
You're No Different From The Rest
At Least That's What You're Showing Me
And What Happened To The Principles
The Cores and Deeds
Civilary Died
These Are The Days God Spake
He Never Lies
Let Me End This
With a Sigh
Cause Niggas Like Me
Aren't Appreciated
Until We Died

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This Poems Story

Story about a black young man who let temptation allow him to have set backs telling his story about women and his views behind why his talents make him a better person than his sins and wont be recognized for what he does until he dies. Death brings recognition