Illusive Dreams

Imagine having dreams instead of nightmares.
Opening your eyes to the sunny skies—a cascade of colors flooding your vision —a rainbow dashing through the fluffy white clouds.
The birds chirping, singing their song outside your window, the melody smooth and soft like the gentle whisper of a mother as she calms her crying baby.
The gravity of it all too much to handle.
Your eyelids heavy, eyes clenched shut.
Drops of sweat trickling down your neck.
Your breath skips as you swallow away the uneasy feeling pressing on your chest.
Your throat feels hoarse as if you’ve been screaming the whole night.
Suddenly you feel zany, waves of static flooding into your head.
A moment of stillness passes until you adjust.
You realize your surroundings now illuminated by a faint glow—the light has been turned on.
Imagine having dreams instead of nightmares.
Imagine having nightmares instead of dreams.
Would facing reality be easier without having dreams?
With no direction to go, no path in sight— tell me now... what’s your purpose in life?
No dreams to pursue, only nightmares following suit.
An uncertain future is all you will find.
What if the dreams you wish to achieve are not what they seem?
What if the one thing you seek most will become the one thing you’ll regret the most.
Your dream is followed by an ominous shadow - that is the unknown.
Chasing after your dreams is taking a risk, there’s a chance you may find yourself diving head first into the shallow abyss.

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Dreams can be deceptive and give you a false hope for reality. Fame can be overwhelming and consume your life.