Illusive Dreams (Pt. 2)

Ask yourself this: What would I regret more?
Giving up on my dreams out of fear that I won’t reach them, or achieving my dreams and exceeding them to the point where I can’t be myself?
Achieving fame and acknowledgement being known worldwide, but having to maintain this perfect image.
My private life taken away, striped of the former, ordinary, me.
The one that people used to not see in a crowd, the me who could blend in and disappear in the chaos.
The me who once had dreams now stares back at the me who has achieved them.
I stare into my eyes and think the poor unfortunate me.
I’m blessed with amazing fans, but face haters and the obsessive fans as well.
I am well known but only for the famous me that everyone sees when I stand on stage or appear before them on their television screens.
What about the regular me, the normal and average me living life ordinarily, living life in the moment?
I’ve been robbed of the ordinary experience.
Because I chose to be extraordinarily me.
Am I truly content with the life I have?
I have taken on a new identity... or have I?
If the real me was never noticed it’s as if the real me never existed...
My ultra persona has become me yet it’s not.
Before this persona was created it was merely a sliver of hope, passion and wishful thinking.
I never knew that in this moment I would at times wish to never have pursued this dream.
The shadow still lurks and nightmares still trail but these nightmares are reality and no longer just in my head.

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This Poems Story

Obtaining fame but losing your true self in the process.