My head is often filled with thoughts that I myself cannot fully comprehend.
Sometimes they fill me with bliss,
Other times they bear a weight on my shoulders.
I wait and long so dearly for the quiet and calming to reach me.
I lay in my bed with the covers pulled all the way up to my chin,
Motionless, I let my thoughts wander far off into my paracosm.
Being there, where happiness is a reality.
Everything about the place is perfect and suited to my satisfaction.
The wood floors leading up to the big French windows that allow,
the raindrops to slowly slide down its vertical form.
The scent of the burning firewood with a mixture of petrichor fills my small nose.
I glide my fingers along the rack of books near to me,
As I reach for a favorite with the tip of my index finger.
I run to the fireplace trying hard not to slip with my socked feet as I reach the grey carpet right in front of the blazing yet simply peaceful crackling hearthside.
Soon the crackling turns to soft knocking and the calling of a rather familiar name.
As I look around me,
I see it’s time for me to return to the harsh reality, that is, the world around me.
I open my coal colored eyes and sit up
Hoping that someday,
It’ll be more than just an elusive scene far from my reach.
One thing’s for sure,
Not a single person with the biggest amount of willpower can take this away from me.

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Nothing much behind it besides my aesthetic and my thoughts but feedback is reaaaallly appreciated. Please and thank you. Feel free to critisize please.