I’m a Black Child

Behind this mask, my mouth speaks words.
I stand for me, and out of my big lips ill never fail to speak.
I stand for my skin, for me and other men and women.
They see me talk, they call it slang. They see my hair, they call it strange.

Behind this mask, I am Black.
When I want something I work twice as hard. For I a Black child, know my worth.
My skin, it glitters like gold. Like everyone else, there’s love inside my soul.

Behind this mask, a woman.
From the span of my hips to the curls of my hair.
The strength in my grip to the life I can live.
I walk into a room… They wonder where my secret lies.
Look into my eyes; behind this mask.

Behind this mask, we are all the same,
The color of my skin does not define me, nor does my gender.
We are all people; behind OUR masks.

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