I’m a Boy

Deep down I’m a man
But I’m barely seen as a boy
I get called a boy all the time which is amazing
Then it doesn't feel amazing anymore bc I correct them
I don't know why I do, bc that’s all I’ve wanted to hear
I get scared what if someone thinks I'm lying
What if I get looked at wrong or people yell at me
People sometimes are really scary
And so loud and rude

I don't even know these people but they still scare me
Their opinions shouldn't even matter but they do
Now there's all these thoughts in my head
Telling me I’ll never be a real boy, no matter how hard I try
But I am a boy

I've always know I was born different but I didn't understand how till I got older
My body started to change in ways that didn't feel right
My once flat chest I had was, turned into my worst fear
It started to feel like my whole word was falling part
All I could do was watch in the mirror
Becoming something that wasn't me
I can't even look at into it anymore
All I see is the pain left behind in the wreckage

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