I’m a God-Blessed Country Girl

Fireflies dancing in the sunset,
Birds saying their goodnights.
Crickets whisper their soft hellos,
Mosquitoes trying to get in their last bites.
Moonbeams making their first appearance,
The sun, her last for the day.
The spider weaves its home for the night,
The night worm yawns and gets on her way.
The hot, sticky air has finally settled down,
And the mountains breathe a cool breeze the valley below.
The sky turns navy blue and stars begin to twinkle,
And nature settles down to watch the show.
There's nothing like living here in the south,
Listening to crickets and smelling the summer breeze.
Where Grandma's cooking makes your tongue dance in your mouth,
And everyone says"honey," "y'all" and drinks sweet tea.
People make fun and often criticize,
As if the way we live is uncivilized.
But I'd rather be southern and have a heart of gold
Than be a rich man and my soul be sold.
I'll take my cricket symphony and fireflies;
You can have your skyscrapers and high-rise.
Take your lover out for wine and caviar,
I'll settle for a coffee and gazing at the stars.
Yeah, I'm country and I'm thankful to be,-
I'm God-blessed to live in the home of the brave and land of the free.

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