I’m a New Person

I'm kind of tardy just not viewing
What's under my skin now just looking
I'm learning in pieces and being taught in whole
Taking in my new view and making it bold
Slowy observing I'm taking mental notes
Looking closer to see what's in store
Im awaking to a new person and making these strange adjustments
Listening to a new heart beat letting every thump take me
Before I was seeing the world without eyes
I was making sunlight without a sky
I was talking with no word
I was listening with no sound
I was loving with no heart
And I was walking without ground
I was living with no breath
And eating without food
I was singing with no voice
But no more I'm a new person a course
Finding me was a gift
Keeping me was a pleasure
I know who I am and I know no ones better
I was touching but now I'm feeling
I was hearing but now I'm listening
I was breathing but now I'm living
I was seeing but now I'm seeking
I was eating but now I'm tasting
Last but not forgotten I'm a new person

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