I’m Afraid

I'm afraid of, getting old I know it has to be.
Im afraid of, My reflection and what I have to see.
I'm afraid of, my body changing right in front of me.
I'm afraid of, getting gray hair where black hair used to be.
Im afraid of, getting wrinkles where smooth skin I used to see.
I'm afraid of, getting false teeth where real ones used to be.
I'm afraid of, gaining weight when thin is in you see.
I'm afraid of, My eyes closing and black is all I see.
I'm afaid of, leaving My children with anyone else but me.
I'm afraid of, who will die first My sibling or either me.
I'm afraid of, seeing my Mother like my Grandmom used to be
For she is 102 now and aged so gracefully.
I'm afraid of, knowing whether I can be a follower of the Lord
like they have done for he.
I'm afraid of, when I'll get to see My Father who's in Heaven now
and waiting there for me.
I'm afraid of, being in a world where getting old should be,
a time to share your journey with someone afraid to see.

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