I\'m all boxed in (original version)

I’m lost in my solitude,
isolated as i can be
calling out to anyone,
“come and set me free”
i’m reaching out for reception,
besides my color T.V.

anyone, anyone who may hear,
i’m all boxed in,
please help me out
and pull the plug my peer.

though the T.V. always answers
with an easy little click
i continue to get bored and lonesome
far, far too quick.

it’s plugged into my arm
mainlining electrons to my brain
a tube of visual information
needing more and more each day.

not that i mind being addicted
i’ve learned a lot this way,
But, cold turkey seems the way to go
since it can’t converse or play
nor can it warm my lonely nights
my dream of unrealistic romantic heights.

and i don’t mind my railroad tracks
that most won't comprehend,
because i’ll continue to watch,
that television
my uncomplicated friend.

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    This Poems Story

    This is a poem about addiction. Though the TV you can take literally, it is the metaphor for drugs. The struggle with wanting to quit and asking for help that he/she (\"He\" for the rest of this description) doesn\'t get. And stays all alone. So he justifies his plight by accepting it, calling it, his friend that doesn\'t judge him for his choosing not to quit on his own. This is my original write that i wrote a long time ago. Though there is no rhyming structure, as the words just came out as i was writing. I feel it does flow with rhythm. Look for my revised one, it has a clear rhyming meter and updated the TV references to today TVs.