I’m an Actor

With every tick of the clock my stomach sinks,
Every second closer to light brings more chills to the skin.
I hear the taunts of the people,
Its meant to entertain but only hurts.
I laugh as my throat closes and I fight back tears,
I am an actress that plays the same part every day.
Breath... they say it will help,
I see no help I only see the hand that stops my breath.
I wish to not feel this weight on my chest,
The only way is to become numb and forget the world.
I stare at a spot and stop seeing,
Nothing reaches me not even my breath.
The world is gone for a moment,
Just as I collect myself im pulled back.
I feel again the pain, the terror and the uncertainty,
I must stay in this world and continue my act.
I am an actress that plays a part,
I can never truly leave the stage.

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