I'm an Adult


I’m having an existential panic attack
Because we’re all stuck in a cycle of births and deaths
Meetings and departures
I am terrified at every moment

Is birth more painful than meetings?
Then what of births which meetings soon follow the departure
Or rather the departure happened before the meeting.
Can you possibly tell the doctor that pain on a scale from one to ten

I’m too nauseous to talk; I doubt anyone would hear me
We live we weep we die so goes the cycle
The rollercoaster just repeats this loop
I would like to get off the ride now, please

Do these piles of poems even matter?
I can’t stop screaming on rollercoasters
My mother raised a baby girl, she’d be better off with a son
Maybe I just need a refill of my prescription

I want to be strong for everyone but myself
Suppose this is what they meant
When they said you’ll understand when you’re grown
I am an adult, no one tucks me in at night

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