I’m an Autistic Kid

I'm Drake
I like cake
I'm a little insane
so sit back
hold tight
why don't you tell me your name
I like tigers, pistachios, and riding my rip-stick
in case you haven't noticed I'm a little autistic
So come sit with me on my couch of fine leather
and help me put these puzzle pieces back together
I'm an autistic kid with an autistic mind
with a great personality your certain to find
I'm an autistic kid with an autistic life
and I think it's about time I removed the knife from my back
from when bullies were on the attack
because I've talked about bullies and I've talked about haters
but I haven't started talking about the creators
In a world filled with puzzles autism's only one piece
but when we come together we form a masterpiece
We don't want to be treated better we want to be treated fair
but sadly there are still people out there who don't care
So to them I say it's okay
nobody's the same
but please think twice before calling me a name
because I'm an autistic kid with autistic plans
that everyone in world will be able to join hands

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