I'm an eagle

I’m an eagle by nature,
I fly higher than all birds,
I fly alone,
I stay alone,
I’m exceptional and phenomenal.

When I arrive,
All chickens make noise and vanish,
They change their topic,
And I become their topic,
They’re intimidated by my presence,
They hide and grumble,
They can’t stand my bravery.

I’ve got strength and sharp eyes,
I can see beyond human’s knowledge
And understanding,
I get so excited when I see the storm,
I don’t run-away from the storm,
But I stand up and face it,
And get elevated.

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This Poems Story

This poem touches my heart. This is not an ordinary eagle, but it's a person who is courageous and has a vision in life. Someone who associate themselves with positive people. They don't care about what people say about them. They are always ready to face any challenge and overcome it.