I’m Awkward

I say too much but at the same time not enough.
I'm soft gentle and passionate but I portray rough rugged and tough.
I know what I want and I know the reasons why.
With no emotions involved it's like I don't have to even try.
Anything I set my mind to is like hocus pocus, POW.
Determination and dedication, with a complete focus is how.
Matters with the heart is the part I can't win.
I won't wast time for something I don't want.
I am standoffish, honest and blunt.
In my mind my thoughts are organized and neat.
Coming out of my mouth they tend to be partial and incomplete.
I'm a bit clumsy in life but steady when I compete.
I like to be tempted, tested, challenged, and teased.
I've cried until I couldn't breath and I've laughed until I've peed.
I have a one track mind set that is almost impossible to change.
On a one way street I'm still finding ways to switch lanes.
I have a dirty mouth that tends to entertain.
Aside from my uncouth behavior, I have a brain.
I'm pretty sure I am more frightened by love than I am by pain.
I want things that are no good for me.
Things that are just not meant to be.
I am awkward, but I'm always me.

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