I’m bad luck

I lie down to sleep on a Thursday night.
Wake up and behold it is now Friday the 13th.
What luck will I have on a very bad day.
Will to day be the day I die.
For I am at Crystal Lake.

I went on a hike in the morning.
No one around for miles and miles.
Nothing but the trees and lake.
All day I wondered around.
Then I realized I'm lost.
The bad luck struck.

It is now dark and I haven't made it back.
When the moon rises in the clear sky.
I here a sound.
I turn around and what did I see.
A large man in a hockey mask.
He had a knife in hand.

I ran tell I could not any more.
I stopped be the shore.
The big masked man was there.
I begged and pleaded with him.
But he still came at me.
Lifting the knife above his head.

Now I do t know where I am.
For every thing is dark.
I am no more.
What bad luck I have.
Next time I'll go to elm street instead.

Shaun D. Weller

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