I’m Blessed

As I go through my life, looking back
at everything I have done, everything I have seen and
everything I have endured.
I can't help but realize that I can't be nothing but blessed
My life has been an absolute roller coaster
I have been locked up, held up, robbed, broke,
Pregnant twice, Homeless, Happy, Depressed,
half crazy, and now sick. I have been and am
still being judged, talked about, loved,
lost true love, almost died, and now married.
See, I got to be blessed.
How does a person endure so much heartache, pain,
happiness and still stand here with a glorious smile,
celebrating another year of their life and proud of
every single thing that I have been through and
experienced because it taught me lessons and challenges.
It really taught me to look and listen before I react;
pay attention to everything in front of me instead of human words.
I tell you, I am blessed! I can't be nothing but blessed.
Look at me, today I'm almost middle-aged with a distant
man at my side, wonderful family and friends' support.
Most of all I got Jesus with every word I speak and
every sound I hear and every step I make.
Really, I believe I am blessed.
I can shout it to the rooftop-
I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed.
Dear Father, hey people, I am blessed!

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