I’m cold

I've been in this storm for so long,
I cannot say when the first raindrop fell.
I remember the warm sun and bright sky,
but she is just a ghost of a memory;
all that is left are dark clouds and sharp thunder.
The only light is harsh and shatters the sky.
The rain falls so hard
it feels like bullets against my skin.
I'm cold and so alone.
but I can't move.
I can't find shelter and nobody is here to help.
Muffled voices echo from within houses and stores...
but nobody is here, with me.
I'm cold and alone and don't know how to find the sun-
do not even know if I want to find the sun.
I've been here so long I wonder if
I will soon drown in the growing ocean beneath my feet
and if
that is for the best.

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