Protect your heart,
Surround it with patience.
Allow your light,
To be luminescent.

Try not to get your
Hopes up too fast.
Do not dwell,
Too much in the past.

Never give doubt
Too much time.
We all have are
Mountains to climb.

Some folks are not cut out,
For the rough spots.
You don't always get to,
Call your shots.

Find solitude when certain
People go away.
Most things look different,
In the light of day.

Not everyone gets the concept
Of, "I'm here for you".
Some folks have no,
Follow through.

People make promises when
The sun shines.
Remember to read
Between the lines.

They are long gone when,
The storm comes.
You face defeat,
You will succumb.

The storm washes away
The muck and debris.
No more barking up
The wrong tree.

Reality is people
Are not real anymore.
They treat love like
A candy store.

A righteous person,
It is more than rare.
It's a wild and crazy,
World out there.

I admire the people,
Who avoid me?
I'm better off,
It's hassle-free.

It's a bitch when you find out,
She wasn't where it was at.
My love is not for all;
Today, I'm cool with that.

Turbo1904 ?

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It is about getting through life on a daily basis. Sometimes you have to just breathe.