I’m Crazy.

At 18 I married my highschool sweetheart.
At 19 it felt like my life literally fell apart.
It took me a year to put on paper
But only minutes to write
It’s not out of spite but out of safety
Because I know I’m not the only one labeled as crazy
Meet the man I loved and tell me if you blame me..
All he does is take, everyone he’ll touch will break
My heart aches for his next victim
Now baby, here’s my take
Read his rule book carefully
Number one, he’s always right
Remember that before every fight
Number two, the rules? Only apply to you
He does not have to come home before dawn
He does not have to tell you who he’s been on
Your shorts will always be too short
Your Rants will always be too long
Once you think he settled down he already Moved on..
Not only am I crazy but I’m dumb
For believing till death was true
The smartest thing I ever did was stop loving you
I chew these words, and I taste them
Before I spit them at you
Because nothing will taste as bitter
As lying lips do. I might be crazy... do you blame me?

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