I’m Doing Swell

How's it going? Oh me? I'm great
Most days I can hardly concentrate
What's wrong? Oh no, really I'm fine
I'd rather not bore you with my incessant wine
Well there was that one thing... and then another
Bridges burned, avoiding my mother
Friendships are crumbling, I try to keep my head up
Yet I constantly feel as if I'm not good enough
I desperately grasp for reasons to leave my bed
Then the nausea takes over, alongside the dread
I'm screaming internally, with an urge to fix things
In the deep end I'm sinking, swallowing my feelings
I want to be okay, really I'm trying
If you tell me you miss me, I'm sure you'd be lying
The days keep droning on and on
You said you love me and now you're gone
Some days my anxiety just tends to best me
There are so many problems no one else can see
Don't worry for me though, how about you?
What's up in your life? Anything new?
Oh me? Not much, don't be dwelling on this
No, I'm alright, really-I promise
*She smiles and waves, acting rather lax*
*As she slowly crosses her fingers behind her back*

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