I'm Done

I'm done. with people being affected, from issues being neglected.
But what else would be expected when common sense is rejected.
This must be corrected.
With all this commotion, put life in slow motion.
I'm done. with no chances for mending, human beings offending
Our brothers and sisters with no ending.
Look at us spending, all this time pretending
To care about what others need.
All I see is a blown-up Instagram feed.
What will it achieve?
Do you really believe that a post or comment will make a change?
Maybe rearrange the minds of the deranged and insane?
Maybe fix their brains?
I'm done. and it is time to put this problem to rest
To rise up and protest.
If you're hashtag blessed, then bring those blessings to the rest.
Just invest some time and it will be for the best.
It starts with you.
The first chime blowing in the wind.
Don't plan, just do!
And we will have these matters pinned.
It is time to put this to bed; no more tears can be shed.
Let us stand as one.
And if we don't.
I'm done.

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