I’m Done

I'm done with your bullshit I'm done with your lies.
I'm tired of living with tears in my eyes.
The mind games you play, have me going insane.
I'm giving my all, when there's nothing to gain.
The sight of me crying, alone in my bed,
as you sit there and smile with the hurtful things said.
I'm tired of crying to myself all night long,
but how can I not, when all you say is I'm wrong.
No matter who's wrong, no matter who's right,
I'm still the one losing at the end of the night.
The deepest of pain caused by the one that I love,
laying hurt in my bed, blanket wrapped like a glove.
Will it ever hurt less, will the pain go away,
or is my only other option, to just start walking away.
My heart is now broken, there's no turning back,
your feelings for others, is something you lack.
I can't fight no longer, I have no fight to give,
I know I'm worth something and without you I'll live.
So live your life happy, Just don't include me,
I hope one day it hits you, and then maybe you'd see.
I tried and I tried to be just the one,
but my efforts have failed me and now I am done.
I'm done with your bullshit, I'm done with your lies,
I'm no longer living with tears in my eyes.

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