I’m done

That’s it I’ve had it
I can’t take no more I’m cool
I’ve reached my boiling point I won’t stand for this
I’m done with this bullshit im through with you
You can keep your hugs ain’t no last kiss
After all this dirt you drug me though
No I’m not pissed off ,bitter or angry
I’m just ready for this story to fucking end
No words, to hell with closure and what is an explanation?
There’s nothing left to mend
Do you hear that? Can you feel it?
The tables are finally turning
The young girl in love is now the woman fed up
And yet your still a young man broken
See a fallen Queen thought she found a fallen king
But she blossomed and he remained unpleasant
For it took awhile but honey child she soon realized he was a peasant
So now I pick my crown up and dust my shoulders off
You had me caught up that’s cool
But When God gives all he has planned for me
You’ll be the one looking like a fool
So yes thank God I’m done
I’m so over your fucking lies
That I wrote this poem and text it to you because I don’t have time for good byes ...

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