I’m Fallin’ Away

I never thought that I'd be caught up in this mystery,
ministry lackin' victory in battles I've already fought.

In theory my spirit is guarded unchallenged.
My heart is unbalanced by lawlessness, His presence departs.

Now I'm unsheltered cling to memories of when I felt Him last.
Faster than withering grass I'm fadin' without His Livin' Water.

I'd pour myself out on the altar, but tainted sacrifice annoys Him.
My anointing is poisoned and I just can't suffice.

I'm full of malice; a martyr of empty vice.
I'm regarded as a descendant of Mara and not of Abraham.

SAVED because I say I am LOST and now I'm tasting the COST
and so I pray I am LAYED before the Great I Am.

Now I'm astounded at crowns that crumble to mounds
and litter the ground around my feet: "I'm fallin away"

Now I've been taken to places and facin' penalties
for things I wasn't meant to embrace: "I'm fallin away"

Passion aflame, hearts poundin'. I'm breakin' out.
You're callin' my name, no sound. I'm on my way.

Where am I headed I don't know. I'm on a beaten path,
but where does the road go? I'm fallin' away...

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