By Cat   

I’m fine
She says
A dead look on her face
Tears filling in her eyes
Her heart is drowning
She is lost in the dark
Blind in a maze
Her mouth, blocking words
Her mind flooded
Thoughts racing
Its a constant chaos
Day and night
She doesn't sleep

Behind the subtle smiles
And the grins she tosses
She feels broken

Her heart aches
She’s insecure
She feels worthless
She feels invisible
She’s drowned by the pain
And choked by her thoughts
She wants to scream for help
But she knows she won't be heard
She tries to be understood
No one does
No one understands
She feels hopeless

She doesn't want to wake up
The few hours she sleeps
It all stops
Time stops
But it goes by fast
And then
It starts again
The rumble in her head
The pain in her body
Her soul screaming for help
But she doesn't know how

She is lost
Following a never ending road
Looking for light in the dark
Without knowing she is blind

When she tries to get out her thoughts
She is misunderstood
She is judged

The only thing she wants
Is someone to listen
She wants someone to listen
Not with their ears
But with their heart
She wants them to understand
And tell them everything is ok
Even though its not
She want someone to shush the noises
To let her see
To show her the way
And to show her the light
That was hidden in the dark

But until then
She will say she’s fine
No matter how broken
How lost
Or how miserable she feels
And she will be that one girl
The quiet one
The one that turns crazy in a blink of an eye
The one that doesn’t know what in the world is going on
The one that doesn't know what to do
The girl that cries in the bathroom
And eats her lunch alone

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