I’m Fine

In a society that is enthralled with themselves,
One must ask, "Why?"
Two words-sympathy vote.
And I, for one, respectively deject that vote.
Trust me when I say, I'm just fine.
When walking through the school halls
Trying to keep it together,
There is always that one person who asks if I'm okay.
Seriously? Seriously?
I'm fine.
If I wasn't, do you honestly think I would tell you about it?
If it concerned you, you would have known already.
No need to waste your good deed for the day
By asking me how I'm doing.
Just trust me when I tell you "I'm fine,"
And be on your merry little way.
Now I'm not completely cold-hearted.
I will admit, there are a select few
Who truly are genuine when they ask.
But those-
Those people are one in a million.

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