I’m Fine

I do not know what to do.
The voices have me trapped,
And they speak to me with such hell-bent desire;
I only wish to kill them with a blazing fire,
But the heat dwells.
It grows.
It swells.
My demons grow stronger.
The fire prolongs their desires,
And I discover I have just set myself ablaze.
Unable to move for days,
For my mind and soul feel paralyzed.
I question my sanity,
Because the bandages I place upon my heart
Only seem to be falling apart,
And what was once contained inside
Leaks away and exposes my inner pride,
And though I was once cheerful and full of life
My mind and soul are hardened and dried.
The voices laugh.
They are despicable.
This insanity is perpetual.
I seek help and I wish for improvement,
But when someone inquires for my testament,
"It's okay" I'll smile and say,
"I'm fine."

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